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Cody Garbrandt to Dominick Cruz after UFC 199: 'Keep my belt polished up for me'

Dominick Cruz defeated Urijah Faber via unanimous decision at UFC 199, but that wasn't his only tense altercation on the evening.

Following the fight, Cruz had a dust up backstage with Faber's teammate, UFC bantamweight contender Cody Garbrandt. Speaking on a recent episode of Team Alpha Male's Stud Radio show, Garbrandt explained what he said to the UFC bantamweight champ (story begins at 24:35 in the video embedded above).

"Yeah, [he, Cruz, popped out of the tent] with this dumbass look on his face," Garbrandt said. "I was sitting there, walked out of Faber's tent, talked to him, kind of taking it all in. He [Cruz] popped out of his tent and kind of made eye contact with me, made this face like, 'Yeah, motherfuc*er, what?'"

Not one to avoid a physical confrontation, Garbrandt slung some words Cruz's way, and the champ wasn't happy.

"I was sitting there, and he [Cruz] wouldn't turn away, so I was like 'Alright, what's up? It's cool. Keep my belt polished up for me.' And he grabbed his belt off his dude and put it over his shoulder like, 'You better get in line.'

"I was like, 'There ain't no line right now. I'll run up on you and smack you right in your face.'"

From there, Cruz turned his attention to Garbrandt's tattoos, something that only intensified "No Love's" rage.

"And he started talking sh*t about tattoos, and that's when I got kind of pissed off," Garbrandt said. "He was saying some stupid, dorky-ass sh*t. He's got that tribal tat, but he's talking sh*t about tattoos. I was like, 'That's cool, man, what are we, teenagers?'

"So I was just like, 'Fu*k it, man. I ain't about talking. I'll just run up and smack you. Fu*k the line. Wait in line? I'll jump the line.'  Then his cornermen were right there, like, 'Get the fu*k out of here,' and I was like, 'Fu*k this dude.' He wants to look at me, grab his belt and turn toward me, yeah, keep it polished for me, because I'm coming, motherfu*ker. That was that."

When reached for comment, Garbrandt doubled down on his story.

"Really that's it. I told him to polish up my belt, and he didn't like it *laughs*," Garbrandt told MMA Fighting. "I really can't wait to beat his fuc*ing ass... I'll break his nose."

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