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Video: Michael Bisping rips Luke Rockhold post-UFC 199: 'It's OK. You'll come to.'

Michael Bisping pulled off a huge upset at UFC 199, defeating Luke Rockhold via first-round knockout to seize the UFC middleweight title.

After the win, Bisping seized the opportunity to rub a little salt in Rockhold's wounds. Captured via The Thrill and the Agony on UFC Fight Pass, Bisping approached Rockhold inside the cage following the victory to shake his hand, but the result was none too sportsmanlike.

"Unlucky, buddy. Unlucky. Good fight," Bisping said.

That's where the pleasantries stopped. After a hearty slap on Rockhold's arm, Bisping dropped the formalities.

"I told ya. Got lucky though. Good job," Bisping said.

After this sarcastic remark, Bisping went in to shake Rockhold's hand a second time. Rockhold wasn't too keen on shaking his foe's hand again, though, so Bisping hammered in the final nail.

"You're in the Octagon by the way," Bisping said. "It's OK. You'll come to."

You can watch the full interaction on UFC Fight Pass.

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