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Luke Rockhold promises 'one-of-a-kind' knockout of Michael Bisping

Luke Rockhold doesn't just want to beat Michael Bisping. He wants to style on him.

The UFC middleweight champion told Ariel Helwani on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour hat he has something different in mind for "The Count" when they meet in the main event of UFC 199 on Saturday in Los Angeles.

"They're gonna see a one-of-a-kind knockout," Rockhold said. "Something they've never seen before. I'm gonna put on a clinic."

Rockhold beat Bisping in pretty impressive fashion already, back in November 2014. The California native knocked the Brit down with a left head kick and finished on the ground with a one-arm guillotine. The victory cemented Rockhold's place among the elite in the middleweight division. Now, he is the king of that division after taking the belt from Chris Weidman via fourth-round TKO at UFC 194 in December.

Since then, Rockhold has been called cocky by Weidman and smug by Bisping. Not that he really gives a damn.

"People do not like confidence," Rockhold said. "People hate people that tell them what they're gonna do. People hate that. It comes off as arrogance, whatever you want to call it. For me, it's the truth. The truth hurts sometimes and I tell the truth. I don't talk sh*t. Bisping, other people, they might talk shit. I talk the truth. Just because I know what I'm gonna do. A lot of these guys think they know what they're gonna do. Few people really do know. And that's what separates us. I'm gonna go do exactly what I said."

Which is why Rockhold has no problem verbalizing his plans for this weekend. Weidman was the initial opponent before he pulled out two weeks ago due to a neck injury. Now it's his old rival Bisping on short notice.

"I'm gonna knock him out in the first round and he's gonna have nothing to say," Rockhold said. "Whether he had a full camp, half a camp or a weeks notice. It doesn't matter. I'm gonna get my knockout. I'm gonna put him away. I'm gonna show who's the better fighter, who's the champ."

The last time the two fought, Rockhold tried to make a bet with Bisping about the finish. If Rockhold ended the bout within the first round, the bet went, the two men would switch fight purses. At the time, Bisping was making more than Rockhold. Rockhold said Bisping "wasn't man enough" to take the bet then. And Bisping would have won it, too. The end of the fight didn't come until the second round.

There will be no wager this time. Rockhold said he's making "seven figures" for this fight. It's a pay-per-view headliner in the shadow of Hollywood, rather than a Fight Pass main event in Australia.

So, with that in mind, Rockhold wants to do a little extra for the fans. He's promising a spectacle -- and a very bad night for his opponent.

"This one will be ended in the first round," Rockhold said. "I will give you something different. I will not be a left kick. It might be a right kick. It might be a left hand. It'll be something special."

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