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Gegard Mousasi takes aim at Lyoto Machida fans: 'The truth hurts'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It's not everyday in the fight game that someone gets to say ‘I told you so,' but Gegard Mousasi was able to do exactly that when Lyoto Machida was yanked from a fight last month at UFC on FOX 19 for admitting use of a banned substance.

Machida told representatives of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) that he used a supplement that contained the substance DHEA, which USADA classifies as an "anabolic agent." The revelation came less than two months after Mousasi accused of Machida of greasing and steroid use in an explosive interview after UFC Fight Night 84.

Not surprisingly, Mousasi felt vindicated by the result -- though he was also mystified by how many fans directed their anger at him rather than Machida.

"I think sometimes I say things, and when it's the truth, still people are going to complain," Mousasi said Monday on The MMA Hour. "You don't like the truth? You want me to tell you something you like, just because you want to hear it? You want me to say, ‘oh Machida, he beat me, he's such a fair fighter?' I don't know what people want to hear. They don't like to hear the truth. They are so stupid.

"It's ridiculous. Of course the USADA testing is coming, people are not going to use the typical, I don't know, steroids or whatever. They're going to use replacements. I'm not a rocket scientist, but I knew that was a banned substance, so he should've known also. And that supplement doesn't do anything for you probably. I don't know, from what I've read it's for old people or something. So I don't know. I think justice is being served."

Mousasi lost a five-round decision to Machida in Feb. 2014. The fight was Mousasi's second under the UFC banner and killed off some of the early momentum Mousasi gathered with his arrival in the promotion.

He has since won four of past his six UFC fights, highlighted by victories over Dan Henderson and Thales Leites, however Mousasi says he is still hearing about the Machida fight from fans irate over his post-fight claims.

"I'm stilling getting hate from them little dragons on the computer, so I don't know what to say," Mousasi said. "They're morons probably, because they don't like the truth. It's a fact, he's been caught. It's a banned substance. It's a fact. It's a fact that he cheated. It's as simple as that. It's like if I go through a red light and the officer gives me a ticket, that's a fact. I don't know how to explain this to these dummies. It's ridiculous.

"But now, who cares? Who cares? They're probably eating potatoes, playing video games. I have to listen to those guys?"

Once his situation went public, Machida apologized and avowed ignorance to the banned nature of DHEA in a statement. He currently faces a suspension that could range upwards of two years, depending on how USADA rules the case, and Mousasi can't help but feel a little good about how things played out.

"People are going to say ‘bad loser, bad loser.' No, it's not a bad loser if you think someone cheated," Mousasi said. "If someone steals your money, I'm going to say ‘well, he stole it in the right way?' You shouldn't be sorry about it. People say stuff like that, ‘he beat you fair and square.' Well, I took him down in the second round. He was so slippery, he got up. I had his back. He just put his ass up, I flew down his back like a chimney.

"Those could be positions I could've done damage, I could've done something. People are stupid, because they're not in that situation. They're like, ‘he's a bad loser.' Well if somebody steals from you, you're also going to be feeling bad. So I don't know why I am even talking about defending myself from people who are actually so stupid and ridiculous. The truth hurts. It hurts to some people."

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