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Delray police arrest Dennis Wright in connection to death of Jordan Parsons

Photo courtesy Del Ray Police Department

After a six-day search, the Delray Beach Police Department (DBPD) in Florida have arrested Dennis Wright, 28, in connection to the death of Jordan Parsons. According to a news release obtained by MMA Fighting, "Wright, whose license has been suspended six times, is facing multiple charges, including leaving the scene of a crash causing death. Investigators have recovered the damaged 2013 Range Rover Sport involved in the crash."

The DRBD believe the crash that killed Parsons, a member of the famed Blackzilians team, at 12:33 a.m. on May 1. Parsons walked across Federal Highway and Lindell Boulevard when Wright allegedly hit him while operating his mother's Range Rover. "A witness told investigators he thinks Wright was driving between 100 and 120 miles per hour when he hit Parsons, who was in the crosswalk. Parsons was wearing headphones and may have not heard the SUV coming."

Wright is accused of not stopping, along with his friends who were behind him in another vehicle. Parsons was attended to by local DRPD officers until Delray Beach Fire Rescue arrived. Parsons was eventually transported to Delray Medical Center,  but succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday, May 4th.

"The following day, an anonymous tipster gave investigators Wright's name. They quickly discovered that Wright's mother owns a grey 2013 Range Rover Sport and were able to determine that Wright was driving the vehicle the night of the crash. Wright made an effort to have the damaged Range Rover repaired at a local body shop, but the owner refused to do the work, so Wright rented a bay at a storage facility and hid the SUV," according to the release.

"Investigators recovered it on Friday, and it was missing the driver's side mirror officers recovered at the scene. Wright, who arrived at the police department Saturday afternoon with his attorney, also faces charges of driving while license suspended as a habitual offender and tampering with evidence."

According to the police, Wright's criminal history includes "arrests for DUI, disorderly intoxication, marijuana possession and assault on an officer or firefighter, among other charges." While it is not known if Wright was intoxicated while driving, police say he was at Buddha Sky Bar on East Atlantic Avenue that evening.

Parsons, 25 years of age at the time of his death, was a Bellator featherweight who was scheduled to compete at Bellator 154 on May 14th.

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