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Matt Brown gets hit multiple times by fans during UFC 198 walkout

Matt Brown nearly got into a fight on the way to his fight.

The UFC welterweight was hit at least three times by fans while walking to the Octagon for his UFC 198 bout against Demian Maia on Saturday night in Curitiba, Brazil.

Brown was draped by security, but the fans, who were close the aisle, were still able to touch the fighter. "The Immortal" incited the passionate Brazilian spectators Friday at weigh-ins when he flipped the crowd two middle fingers in reponse to their "You're going to die!" chant.

On the third encounter during his walk, Brown's hood was grabbed and yanked back. Brown turned around to respond and security had to separate him and the fan.

Maia ended up beating Brown via third-round submission (rear-naked choke) in a dominant performance. It's a shame Brown didn't get to go into the fight unscathed during his walkout.

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