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Frank Mir releases statement on potential USADA anti-doping policy violation

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Frank Mir says he never took any performance-enhancing drugs and did not take what came back in his positive drug test.

The former UFC heavyweight champion was flagged Friday by USADA for a potential UFC anti-doping policy violation. The possible violation comes from an in-competition sample taken from Mir the day of his main event fight against Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 85 in Brisbane, Australia.

In a statement Mir released Friday night on social media, he said that he doesn't know how he could have tested positive for any banned substance and he denies the use of any PEDs. Mir lost to Hunt in the bout via first-round knockout.

No sanctions will be put in place until Mir gets a proper adjudication process. The typical suspension for an anti-doping policy violation is two years, but, as was seen in the recent case of Yoel Romero, USADA will take every positive test on a case-by-case basis. Romero was given a six-month suspension after testing positive for a WADA-banned substance due to his taking of a tainted supplement.

Mir, 36, has never before tested positive in 15 years with the UFC, however he was a user of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) with a therapeutic usage exemption (TUE) before TRT was banned by athletic commissions in 2014.

USADA does not release the name of the substance a fighter tests positive for unless the fighter willingly discusses it publicly.

Here is Mir's full statement:

To all my fans and supporters,

I recently been notified by USADA that the test I took on the night of the fight came back for a substance that I did not take. I don't know how that is possible as I did not take any performance enhancing drugs (PED) to compete. I have never tested positive for a banned substance since joining the UFC and becoming a 2x champion. I ask all of you to hold judgement [sic] against me until all the facts have been revealed.

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