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Daniel Cormier tired of being on emotional 'roller coaster ride' with Jon Jones

As much as he might not like it, Daniel Cormier's fate seems forever linked with Jon Jones.

While Cormier was dealing with his own issues last week -- a leg injury which ultimately caused him to pull out of his UFC light heavyweight title defense against Jones -- Jones was going through his own issues.

Jones got into legal trouble, spending two days in jail after his latest run-in with Albuquerque authorities, which put his status against Cormier at UFC 197 into question.

It was yet another reminder for Cormier that he's forever linked with Jones, something DC compared to being on an amusement park ride you don't want to experience.

"Midweek I was still kind of hoping that I'd still be okay to fight," Cormier said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "It's weird, man, because even though the stuff doesn't happen to you, it's happening to Jon, Jon is the one that's doing it, it's almost like, he takes you on this crazy ride with him that you don't really don't want to be on."

Last week's events were the latest chapter in a saga which has spanned years, one which has included a hotel lobby brawl; a first fight delayed due to a Jones injury, Jones winning when they finally tangled, then Cormier becoming champion in the wake of Jones' legal situation, which caused the UFC to suspend him and strip him of the title last spring.

"I don't want to be on this ride with him, this up and down, round and about circle. I want to this to be on straight line, I want my life to be as I intended it to be, but, when you're fighting with Jones and all these issues that he's had, he kind of takes you on this roller coaster ride that's he's had. It's emotional, honestly."

Ultimately Cormier knows Jones seems to have a cat-like knack for falling out of a tree and landing on his feet. So he was ultimately more concerned with his own injury situation than with anything Jones had going on.

"I was trying not to pay too much attention to it because I was trying to, hopefully, trying to improve to the point that I could fight," Cormier said. "I figured Jon would be okay, Jon's a guy that, in every situation, he seems to come out okay on the opposite side. I knew he'd be okay and I was hoping he'd keep the fight together."

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