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Daniel Cormier lashes out at 'loser junkie' Jon Jones on Twitter

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The rematch between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones is off for now, but that sure hasn't stopped them from unloading on one another on Twitter.

Both Cormier and Jones took shots at one another during Monday appearances on The MMA Hour, in the wake of Cormier having to pull out of their UFC 197 bout with a leg injury and Jones' latest run-in with the law.

Jones, the fighter regarded by most as the sport's pound-for-pound best, upped the ante later in the day with a series of tweets in which he called current UFC light heavyweight champion a "coward" and a "pussy."

Hours later, an angered Cormier responded with a series of tweets ripping into Jones, referring to Jones' legal issues and calling him a "junkie loser."




Jones, as one might expect, had a response ready for Cormier:

One suspects this won't be the last we hear from the two between now and whenever their rematch ends up being scheduled.

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