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Michael Page says long stare at Jeremie Holloway after submission was pay back for earlier antics


In Michael Page’s latest conquest, this one of Jeremie Holloway at Bellator 153, he displayed more than a few dance moves in his post-fight celebration. He actually crouched down over Holloway, who’d tapped only moments before to a wicked toehold that Page countered a leglock attempt with, and gave him an extra long stare.

What was that all about? What did he say to the prone Holloway?

Page was an in-studio guest for this week’s edition of The MMA Hour, and he said he was just giving Holloway back some of his own medicine.

"Funny enough, I didn’t say anything," he told Ariel Helwani. "What had happened is -- and it’s weird how nobody really heard of mentioned it -- as I was walking to the bottom of the ramp, [Holloway] was screaming at me from the cage. If you watch it again, people will start to pick up on what I’m talking about. When I got in the cage, as I’m walking up and down, minding my own business for now just kind of embracing the moment, he shouted at me from the other side, ‘look at me! Look at me! I’m going to smash you! Look at me!’

"And again, to each their own. If that’s what he needs to do to psyche himself up, that’s fine. But that’s why I looked at him at the end. When I tell people that they say, oh, that makes sense now. So after I caught the submission, I stared in his face. Like yeah, I’m looking at you now. It was kind of like a little come back to what he was doing. If you watch that again you’ll see him shouting from the other side, and no one mentioned it."

Indeed, Holloway could be seen during the introductions yelling in Page’s direction. He came out in the fight itself just as aggressive, rushing across the cage trying to pressure Page early. Instead, just a couple of seconds into the bout, Holloway ate a surging right hand from the willowy Page, who punished his efforts.

It looked like the fight could be over before it truly got started. 

"I was shocked I didn’t finish him," Page said of the punch, which landed flush. "I wasn’t even pissed, I was like, that felt heavy and he kept going. After I hit him I was like, yeah…oh wait, he’s still coming at me. Seriously, about two shots really landed heavy and I have to say, all credit to him man. He can take a shot."

Holloway kept coming forward, eventually clinching with Page and pressing him up on the cage, not unlike Nah-Shon Burrell did in 2014. After absorbing another right hand, Holloway found himself on his back after a mad scramble, and he went immediately for the leglock.

That’s when Page counters with a reverse-toehold, a technique he’d been practicing with the likes of Marcin Held and others at London Shootfighters.

"I was still expecting him to pull away from me, me take my leg out and then stand back up," he said. "And I felt it was more opportunistic by him, because he’d took the shot, he’s fallen, and he’d kind of just gone for the leglock, and I don’t feel he’s competent at doing leglocks, because anybody else would have sniffed it and would have gone. That’s what I wanted.

"But because he stayed there, and I was like, you know what, I’m going to keep going. And I just kept cranking it. He tapped quite early, but he did the [one tap], and John [McCarthy] didn’t actually pay attention, so I just sat there and squeezed even more. Then he was tapping."

McCarthy saw the second set of taps, which were hard to miss. Page hovered over Holloway for a good couple of seconds, giving him a hard look, before doing a prolonged celebratory dance in the middle of the cage.

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