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Nate Diaz apparently also off UFC 200 card: 'I'm going on vacation'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Conor McGregor is off UFC 200 and now it looks like Nate Diaz is, too.

Diaz tweeted Monday evening that he's "going on vacation," which is an obvious reference to him not fighting on the megacard on July 9 in Las Vegas. Diaz said at a press conference Friday that he only wanted to fight McGregor at the event, and if not, he was going on vacation.

UFC president Dana White doubled down on the fact that McGregor will not fight at UFC 200 on Monday, despite McGregor tweeting Sunday night that he was back on the card.

McGregor was yanked from UFC 200 last week when he said he would not come to Las Vegas to fulfill media obligations. McGregor said he wanted to focus on preparing for Diaz, who beat him at UFC 196 last month. The brash Irishman agreed to do press next month when he's in Los Angeles, but the UFC balked because they spent money on a commercial filming and photo shoot in Vegas last week.

Diaz did show up to Las Vegas last week and White said they were actively looking for a new opponent for him. Diaz didn't seem to be interested then and that apparently has not changed.

"I didn't ask for that fight, but he asked for it and he wanted it," Diaz said Friday. "If that ain't gonna happen, I'm going on vacation."

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