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Bellator 153 highlights: Michael Page finishes Jeremie Holloway via … toehold?

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Bellator MMA

Whoever beat Michael Page by toehold is a very, very rich human being right now.

"Venom," the exciting knockout artist, finished Jeremie Holloway with the submission in the first round Friday night at Bellator 153 at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

Holloway, who was attempting to land an upkick or two, didn't even see it coming -- until he had to tap. Even referee John McCarthy didn't seem like he saw Page was attempting a submission until Holloway began tapping like crazy.

Wild stuff.

Page (10-0) has finished his last four fights in the first round, but does not have a submission since 2013. The British star, one of the top up-and-coming welterweights in the world, has only gone to decision once in his entire career.

"MVP" almost finished the fight in the opening seconds, too, with quick-as-a-whip right hand.