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Nate Diaz: If I don't fight Conor McGregor at UFC 200, 'I'm going on vacation'

UFC president Dana White said he is still working on an opponent for Nate Diaz at UFC 200.

Diaz, though, has other plans. The Stockton bad boy said Friday at a UFC 200 press conference in Las Vegas that, for him, it's either Conor McGregor or no one in July.

"I didn't ask for that fight, but he asked for it and he wanted it," Diaz said. "If that ain't gonna happen, I'm going on vacation."

Diaz was going to face McGregor in the UFC 200 main event on July 9 in Vegas up until Tuesday. That day, McGregor cryptically tweeted about retirement. White cleared it up a few hours later on ESPN, saying McGregor had been pulled from the card, because he wouldn't fly to Sin City this week to promote the fight -- which included commercials, photo shoots, a press conference and a multi-city tour.

White did leave the door open ajar for the main event to go on as planned Wednesday, but said McGregor was officially out Friday. The boss added that the UFC was looking for a new opponent for Diaz to keep him on the card.

McGregor said in a statement Thursday that he didn't want to fly to Vegas, Stockton and New York this week and next, preferring to focus on his training to get revenge on Diaz, who beat him at UFC 196. McGregor said he offered to just do New York and then promote the fight again in May. The UFC said no, because the other marketing things were already paid for.

Diaz can see it from McGregor's perspective. He and his brother Nick have never been fans of doing media.

"He's got a lot of catching up to do, so there ain't no time for this sh*t," Diaz said. "I've been dodging all this for years, I've been in trouble for it. So I understand, it's all good. Let him do his thing, get his train on and get ready to fight. It's all good with me."

Diaz said he's going to promote the fight now and return to the gym. He still plans on fighting at UFC 200 versus McGregor, even though it seems like that is not the UFC's plan at this time.

"I'm training to fight at UFC 200 against Conor McGregor," Diaz said. "That's what I'm training for."

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Watch the entire UFC 200 Press Conference

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