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Jose Aldo: Conor McGregor was ‘full of juice in his body’ before UFC 196

Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Jose Aldo is still frustrated that he won’t get the rematch he was hoping for at UFC 200.

The former UFC featherweight champion, who campaigned for another fight with Conor McGregor to avenge the 13-second loss he suffered in December, is slated to meet Frankie Edgar for the interim belt on July 9.

The Brazilian was offered a bout with "The Notorious" at UFC 196, replacing injured Rafael dos Anjos in a lightweight bout, but turned down the opportunity. According to Aldo, the Irish star was using banned substances prior to his fight at March 5.

"The fight was not at featherweight. Why would I rematch him in a different weight class with no belt?" Aldo said in a media scrum at the Arnold Classic in Brazil. "Now, to make this fight at 155, where he was full of juice in his body, where he hides and nobody tests him, only when he gets to Las Vegas, a week before the fight, and then it’s way easier for you to clean the body and fight. They offered the fight knowing that I wasn’t trained at all. I can’t say anything. I can train, beat Frankie Edgar and then know that I’ve earned my fight for the title again.

"We called and texted him every day (asking for the rematch) and nothing," he continued. "There was no talk for a month. I waited for a call from Dana (White) for three weeks, and when he texted ‘Dede’ (Pederneiras) I was doing a charity soccer match in Manaus, and he talked about replacing Rafael. He knew I wasn’t training because I was coming back from (medical) suspension. They already had in mind who to put against Conor. That’s the path they try to follow, and it’s kind of dirty to me. There’s no negotiation. We ask, and not always we get a response. When they respond is like that, and then they say they love us. It’s a bit weird. But what can I do?"

Aldo expected his rival do return to the featherweight division after losing to Diaz in a welterweight bout, and thinks the UFC gives McGregor a special treatment.

"If I think so? I’m sure," Aldo said. "Not only in this situation, but it’s like that since she showed up. Like I said, it involves money, but you have to respect the other side because you can’t make money alone. They treat him differently, doing this rematch that means shit. Nate said he wanted rematches with fighters he lost before, and never got one. This rematch means nothing. I think it’s weird, but what can I do? They make the call."

Dana White guarantees that McGregor will defend his featherweight title right after UFC 200, but Aldo thinks there’s a chance McGregor stays at 155 pounds a little longer.

"He will come back," Aldo said. "I don’t know if right after this fight, but he will. I don’t see how he gets too far even at lightweight. He won’t do well at lightweight either.

"Nate wins again," he continued. "He’s used to this weight. It’s really hard to move up in weight and continue winning. It’s going to be different now that Nate will be more prepared. He can do his thing, anything he wants, from start to end. He can slap him, anything, because he will win. It can be faster this time. Nate will prepare, will have enough time, and it can be faster this time."

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