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UFC cancels April 25 open tryouts for Season 24 of 'The Ultimate Fighter'

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Bad news for 125-pound fighters looking to contend for gold inside the UFC Octagon: The promotion has canceled its April 25 open casting call for Season 24 of The Ultimate Fighter.

When first announced, the UFC said the show would feature 16 flyweight fighters, with the winner receiving a title shot. It was not immediately clear if current UFC fighters could compete or if it would be open only to outside competitors.

Now, it's not clear if anyone will receive a title shot by the show's conclusion.

"UFC announced today that the open casting call for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter originally scheduled for April 25 in Las Vegas has been canceled," the promotion said via a press release issued Tuesday. "UFC apologizes for any inconveniences this cancellation has caused. More information about the next season of the show will be made available in the weeks to come."

When asked for a follow-up regarding if a title shot will still be a part of the show, the UFC declined to provide further comment.

For some flyweights, though, this most recent development is inconvenient enough, regardless of how it eventually shakes out.

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