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Daniel Cormier compares Jon Jones to ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' over deleted tweet

Daniel Cormier is no stranger to the social media exploits of Jon Jones.

More than once, Cormier has found himself in the crosshairs of Jones' infamous post-then-delete strategy, whether it be on Twitter or Instagram. So when Jones posted a cordial ‘get well soon' message after Cormier's withdrew from UFC 197 due to a knee injury, then doubled down on it with a late-night jab that was quickly deleted, Cormier wasn't surprised.

"My thing is this: when you look at the times that he tweets, it's almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," Cormier said last week on The MMA Hour. "In the day, Jon is one person. Then at night, he's a different person. I think when he's alone in the middle of the night is when he's actually just himself, and then he writes stuff like that."

Jones is expected to make his long-awaited Octagon return against Ovince Saint Preux on April 23 at UFC 197 where an interim UFC light heavyweight belt will be up for grabs. The fight was initially supposed to be against Cormier, who remains the reigning UFC champion, however Cormier's injury nixed the scheduled rematch.

Early on, it seemed as if Jones took the high road with his rival, electing to only write on Twitter, "I don't wish injuries on anyone. I hope you have a healthy recovery Daniel. Enjoy that belt." Later that same night, however, the former UFC light heavyweight champion had a change of heart, penning a second message that read, "So much for being willing to die."

The tweet was an obvious nod to a line Cormier said during a joint interview with Jones and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, and Jones wasted little time deleting his post soon after making it.

"I have seen that 100 times from fans writing that to me when I had to pull out of the fight," Cormier said Monday. "So it tells me that [Jones] is being himself, but it also tells me that he's up reading tweets and he's taking these people's stuff and kind of using it.

"I think at times we give Jon a little more credit for being more clever than he really is. I think he stumbled across this whole posting tweets thing. He was deleting them because he thought he'd get in trouble, but now it's become kind of a thing so it seems clever. Some of the things he says seem clever, but I think he kind of stumbles across it. He's obviously not the smartest guy."

Jones and Cormier fought once before at UFC 182. Jones took a unanimous decision over Cormier, but was stripped of his title soon after for his role in a 2015 hit-and-run accident in his hometown of Albuquerque, NM.

The bad blood between the two rival has raged on ever since, and not surprisingly, Jones was unapologetic when asked about his latest late-night shot at Cormier.

"I thought it was funny," Jones said on The MMA Hour. "I actually stole that from a fan. One of my Instagram followers wrote that on my wall, ‘hey, what about Daniel being willing to die to beat you, and now he's sitting out because of a knee?' And like I said, I don't wish injuries upon anybody. It's unfortunate that he's hurt. But then again, I hear that he'll be recovered in four weeks, so how bad is it? If you're willing to die and beat me, it's like, I don't know.

"Obviously, Daniel knows that fighting me not a 100-percent is not a good idea, and I don't want him to have any excuses for when he loses a second time. So let him take his time off, like I said. Let him get his family together, go down and get some more photos done to hang over their chimney or whatever, because he knows this belt is going to be back around my waist really soon. Might as well go do some autograph signings, bring the belt with him. Do some seminars at his camp. Because all this sh*t is going to be over for him real soon."

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