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Dana White: Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Claudia Gadelha got into 'full-blown fist fight' after TUF filming

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

LAS VEGAS -- If you thought it was crazy seeing Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Claudia Gadelha nearly come to blows at the "Unstoppable" press conference Friday, that was nothing.

Jedrzejczyk, the UFC women's strawweight champion, and Gadelha got into a brawl after the finish of The Ultimate Fighter 23 recently, UFC president Dana White said Friday night at the EA Sports UFC 2 launch party at Mandalay Bay.

"Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Claudia Gadelha, on the last day of filming when everything shut down, got into a full-blown fist fight," White said. "Head kicks. Nasty fight in The Ultimate Fighter gym."

White separated Jedrzejczyk and Gadelha on Friday at the press conference just like he did in the final square off of the TUF season. But White was not around when the two were nearly alone together after the show wrapped, he said.

"The show is over, the cameras were put away," White said. "The sad and scary part was very few people were left in the gym. The last day of The Ultimate Fighter is almost like the last day of school. Everybody is signing each other's stuff and all this other stuff."

White said the two had a volatile relationship all season. And during the final faceoff, Gadelha cut off whatever Jedrzejczyk was going to say. White said Gadelha told Jedrzejczyk, "Shut the f*ck up, bitch."

"[She said,] 'I'm so fucking sick of listening to your mouth,'" White said. "And they started going at it and I pulled them apart."

The UFC boss said after the show finished up they were sitting on the benches and Jedrzejczyk threw a water bottle at Gadelha. Then, it erupted.

"You noticed when they were showing each other the water bottles [during the press conference]?" White said. "Joanna Jedrzejczyk hit her with a water bottle and that's how the fight started. Wait until you see this season of The Ultimate Fighter with these two. They hate each other and the staredown in the gym was even crazy before the fight happened."

At the "Unstoppable" press conference, Gadelha made a reference to the brawl.

"The bottle didn't hit me, but I kicked you, remember?" she said.

The actual fight will not be aired, because cameras didn't catch it. But White said the season was intense.

"It's not that Joanna is a trash talker," he said. "The difference with Joanna is every time I see her, she's ready to fight. She's just ready to fight. And her and Claudia don't like or respect each other. It's just one of those situations with two, bad-ass nasty fighters who don't like each other."

Jedrzejczyk and Gadelha were seated across the aisle from one another at the press conference Friday. White sent security to kept them away from each other when he noticed.

"If you notice during the press conference, when those two started talking I turned around and I'm like, how the f*ck did we end up putting those two next to each other?" White said.

The two women have fought before, with Jedrzejczyk winning a split decision in December 2014. They will fight again for the women's strawweight title July 8 on FOX Sports 1. The actual TUF season will begin airing April 20 on FS1. Maybe that time will have to be called Jedrzejczyk vs. Gadelha 3.

"This was one of those crazy things where the season had ended and everybody was doing their thing," White said. "I just didn't expect that to happen."

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