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Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz won't be penalized by NAC for UFC 196 press conference actions

LAS VEGAS -- The Nevada Athletic Commission will not be reprimanding anyone following Thursday's near-scuffle after the UFC 196 press conference.

"UFC president Dana White handled the situation," NAC executive director Bob Bennett told

Following the press conference, Conor McGregor punched Nate Diaz's right hand away from his face while they were squaring off for the media and fans in attendance, which almost led to a brawl. Fortunately for everyone involved, security and a whole host of UFC officials diffused the situation rather quickly. Diaz threw a kick towards McGregor in the midst of the melée, as well, but it did not land.

According to his team, Diaz did not injure his hand as a result of the punch.

Extra security is expected to be in place for Friday's weigh-in at the MGM Grand.

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