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UFC 'disappointed' by Jon Jones incident, but fight with Daniel Cormier will proceed

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Jon Jones is clear to fight at UFC 197.

The UFC released a statement Thursday, saying it was "disappointed" by Jones' latest legal issue, but his fight with Daniel Cormier will go on as planned in the main event of UFC 197 on April 23 in Las Vegas.

Jones admitted to a probation violation Thursday in New Mexico's Second Judicial District Court. He will have to attend courses for driver improvement and anger management and needs permission from his probation officer to drive at all as a result of the violation. Jones is also required to do 60 more hours of community service.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion was pulled over and given five traffic tickets March 24, including one for drag racing. Jones was in the sixth month of an 18-month probation period in his felony hit-and-run case following a September plea deal and conditional discharge. "Bones" was arrested Tuesday morning on the probation violation charge and spent two nights in the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center.

If Jones completes the rest of the remaining 12 months of his probation without incident, the guilty plea for the felony charge will be wiped off his record.

Jones will contest the five traffic tickets at an April 5 hearing.

Here is the UFC's full statement:

UFC respects the decision made today by Judge Michael E. Martinez in New Mexico Second Judicial District Court regarding the probation terms of the case involving Jon Jones.

The organization was disappointed to learn that Jones was cited for several traffic offenses last week, as well as concerned by the nature and tone of portions of the conversation between Jones and the citing officer.

Still, UFC respects Jones' right to contest those traffic citations in court and receive a fair hearing on the matter. 

Jones' scheduled bout on April 23 will proceed as planned, however, Jones understands that the UFC expects him to fully cooperate with the terms of his probation as set forth by Judge Martinez.

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