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Anderson Silva reacts to Jon Jones’ arrest: He ‘has some insecurity, but he’s a good kid’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

CURITIBA, Brazil -- Jon Jones was arrested again on Tuesday, and fellow UFC star Anderson Silva believes the UFC should do something to help the light heavyweight contender.

Arrested for violating his probation, Jones could lose his chance to regain the UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 197 on April 23, when he faces Daniel Cormier, and Silva was upset when he heard about the news.

"I’m upset because he’s a young kid who has some insecurity, but he’s a good kid," "The Spider" told the media in Curitiba, Brazil, while promoting UFC 198. "I think the UFC should have some training for these young talents they have, those potential new champions, the UFC should train them so they can deal with this thing of victories, money, fame. They should do this. Like some soccer teams do today."

Silva didn’t watch the officer’s body camera footage that shows Jones calling the police officer a "pig", and heard about his arrest through his son.

"I was really upset," Silva said. "My son Kalyl, a big fan of his, was the one to give me the news. He’s a huge fan. He cries and everything when he watches him fight. I was upset for my son. My son is a fan, and (Jones) has many other fans. It’s tough because he’s a big friend and a big idol, and I’m sorry that that’s happening with him again."

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