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UFC: 32,000 tickets sold to UFC 198 in Brazil within first 90 minutes

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

With a loaded lineup resembling an All-Star Game of Brazilian MMA, UFC 198 in Curitiba, Brazil, figured to be a box-office hit.

It didn't take long to confirm that hunch. According to UFC Brazilian executive Giovanni Decker, 32,000 tickets sold within the first 90 minutes after they went on sale Wednesday. The number includes pre-sale tickets.

That initial surge alone would already place the May 14 card at the outdoor Arena de Baixada as the third-highest attended show in UFC history, behind UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia (56,214) and UFC 129 in Toronto (55,724). A sellout at Arena de Baixada would be approximately 45,000 tickets.

"It was a dream come true having an event in this stadium and it's going to be a big success," Decker said at Wednesday's press conference. "Today was the first day of sales and in an hour and a half we've had approximately 32,000 ticket sales, so May 14th will be a legendary card, a legendary event that I'm sure will be for many years in everyone's memory."

Decker also addressed the UFC's schedule in Brazil for the remainder of the year, saying there will be cards in the country in September and November, although specific dates and venues have yet to be determined.

"We have two events confirmed, one in September, one in November," Decker said. "We're still negotiating the cities. ... The cards that what we want to do are at least like the ones we had last year in Sao Paulo with Vitor [Belfort] and Dan Henderson, always mixing legends with prospects and fighters that are coming up in the UFC and in the region."

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