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Nate Diaz says he put a 'big old hole' in plans for Georges St-Pierre vs. Conor McGregor

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Nate Diaz didn't really think about Georges St-Pierre being in attendance at UFC 196. He had a fight to worry about at the time.

But when he left the next day, it dawned him. Diaz believes GSP was in the building to set up a fight between him and Conor McGregor, he told Chael Sonnen on the "You're Welcome" podcast. Of course, no one called anyone out, because Diaz beat McGregor by second-round submission March 5 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

"I put a big old hole in that sh*t," Diaz said. "What do you guys think that I'm some game to be played with? I've been in this game for too long to f*ck with.

"Yeah, they had GSP there. We're gonna have this big old GSP-McGregor show bullsh*t. I don't even want to hear about that. GSP is gonna come out of f*cking retirement to fight this little ass Conor McGregor? What the f*ck? This is all just a freak show now. So now what did I do? I pissed off Conor McGregor, I pissed off GSP and most of all I pissed off the UFC. But LOL mother f*ckers.

Diaz is irritated because he believes the UFC expected McGregor to win and go on to fight St-Pierre. He also thinks that fight would be ridiculous and GSP is "full of sh*t."

"You're a f*cking bully," Diaz said about St-Pierre. "You know you're gonna hold that little ass Irishman down. You're gonna hop in and take this money fight, like I'm coming back for this. What the f*ck? Get your ass back to your weight class. And Conor McGregor is out of line, too, trying to fight big ass people."

Diaz will face McGregor in a rematch at UFC 200, but the UFC has not made the fight official yet, so Diaz can't really talk about it. But he did acknowledge that the bout is in the works. And he has mixed emotions about it.

"I think the whole rematch thing is cool because they want to do it, because it's worth the money and everybody wants to see a big money fight, but I just think it's f*cked up, because I've lost a lot of funny decisions in my career that I thought I won or I was going to win," Diaz said. "I know I can beat anybody I lost to and I never got a rematch. This guy is getting babied."

Diaz, 30, thinks the whole thing is a conspiracy perpetrated by the UFC and McGregor. He feels like McGregor is only getting a rematch in an attempt to undo the loss and take Diaz down a peg.

"He's getting all this credit for coming in, going up two weight classes, but let's not forget that I was not doing sh*t," Diaz said. "Not only him, but the UFC, they plotted on me together, try to take me out and it all blew up in their faces. So here we are today and that's why there's a rematch. Nobody gets a rematch and all of a sudden this guy is getting rematch. They're like, we need this to happen, everybody wants this to happen and I'm like or do you guys want this to happen, because you guys need a redo. In times of war, you wouldn't even be here for this to be taking place. Because the reality of it is, you got taken out.

"They slept on it and they were like, we don't need this guy in this position. So we need to get him out of here. We need Conor to do it so he can get his momentum and his power back. They need to get me out of there as quickly as possible. That's what I think."

McGregor said after UFC 196 that he doesn't believe he used his energy efficiently in going up to welterweight from featherweight, where he holds the UFC title. Diaz said that should not be an excuse, because cardio is part of the game. And he isn't sure things will be any different the second time around.

"You have to be a black belt in cardio and how to use it," Diaz said. "If he's not up to par with what I've got to bring to the table, then things are probably gonna go down the same way. Everybody believed in his hype and his talk, but it's been a long time for me. I did a lot of learning over the years. I've got a lot of experience. If he doesn't step his game up and push himself like seven years ahead or 10 years ahead of where he's supposed to be, he's gonna fall off again."

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