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Julianna Pena granted stipulation order of continuance in assault case

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Julianna Pena is out of the woods with regards to her legal issues, for now.

Spokane Municipal Court recently granted the popular UFC women's bantamweight contender a stipulation order of continuance in her assault case, according to a court spokesperson. If Pena stays out of trouble for the next year, the charges will be dismissed.

"Frankly, in my view, charges should have ever been brought in the first instance," Pena's attorney Carl Oreskovich told MMA Fighting. ... "I don't have any expectation that she'll do anything other than comply with it and get the case dismissed."

Pena, 26, was arrested in December in her hometown of Spokane and charged with two counts of assault. The fighter was accused of kicking two bar employees in the groin area in the aftermath of a downtown street fight. Pena has denied those allegations.

Pena's training partner Joshua Gow was injured and bloodied in a street fight in front of another bar, Pena told police. Pena said she attempted to bring Gow to a bar called Zola's around the corner to get him cleaned up. Employees of the establishment wouldn't let them in and said Pena got physical when they were rejected, kicking two men below the belt in a scuffle. Witnesses also said Gow rubbed his bloody face on the outside window before they left.

"The circumstances that led Julianna into the bar were that she was seeking medical attention for her friend," Oreskovich said. "When it was denied, she reacted. Pretty simple. And things got out of control. I think there was some bad judgment all around."

On March 22, 2017, officials will look back into Pena's case and if she doesn't have any other arrests or wrongdoing, the two counts will be completely dismissed.

Pena (7-2), the first-ever female winner of The Ultimate Fighter, is now free to pursue her burgeoning MMA career. She has won three straight and could be closing in on a title shot. Pena is expected to be back in the Octagon sometime in the summer.

"It's still under wraps, it's just something that I would rather put behind me," Pena told Submission Radio over the weekend, when asked about the assault case. "What I will say is that the matter was resolved and it's all taken care of now. So I didn't have to go to court, you know, I had a really great lawyer to take care of things for me and it's over and done with."