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Fabricio Werdum explains why he called Conor McGregor a prostitute

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Fabricio Werdum is not a fan of Conor McGregor’s behavior outside the Octagon, and he was happy to see the Irishman tap to Nate Diaz at UFC 196.

Headlining UFC’s mega event on May 14 in Curitiba, Brazil, "Vai Cavalo" spoke with about his controversial Instagram posts attacking "The Notorious" before and after his loss to Diaz on March 5, calling the UFC featherweight champion a prostitute.

"Conor McGregor started well with his marketing, he talks a lot and is a great fighter, we can’t deny that, but I think he crossed the line. It’s too much now," Werdum said. "He said he will fight anyone, but that’s not how things work in our world. Fighters have a code, a law, and you have to respect everybody. He lost this respect, talked about me at the MMA Awards, and he talked sh*t at the wrong person. I won’t stay quiet and just listen.

"Fighters don’t like Conor McGregor," he continued. "Everybody likes watching him fight because he does a good marketing, but I won’t change who I am because of money. Everybody likes money, but there’s a limit. Money isn’t everything. He sold his soul - and I’m saying soul so I don’t say other things [laughs]. I don’t think that’s cool. He sold his soul. It was about time someone would shut him up."

McGregor criticized Werdum for pulling out of the UFC clash with Stipe Miocic due to injury during his MMA Awards acceptance speech earlier this year, and the Brazilian immediately fired back with an Instagram post.

Asked if he also crossed a line with that post, Werdum disagrees.

"Not a bit. I would do it again," Werdum said. "If he talks something about me, I will do it again. If he says something in a press conference and I’m there, I would get (UFC president) Dana (White) out of the way [laughs]. You can’t let him be that cocky. You have to be crazier than him sometimes so he stops. I posted a photo putting my hand in his a** to show that he’s a prostitute. He does anything for money. Money is important, of course, but that’s not everything in your life. That’s what I was trying to say.

"Nate Diaz showed him that. He talked a lot, moved up in weight and saw how heavy Nate Diaz’s hands are. When he needed to show up and fight, he lost. He was humbled. And Nate showed the way to beat him. He becomes a child on the ground."

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