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Renzo Gracie: Georges St-Pierre will be back in UFC, expects announcement soon

According to Renzo Gracie, we can mark it down: Georges St-Pierre is coming back to the UFC.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Gracie indicated the former UFC welterweight champion will be back inside the cage sooner than later.

"He's [St-Pierre is] coming back for sure," Gracie said. "That boy, the best thing he does in life is fighting. Look for how long he's been a champion. He overcame so many obstacles. Many people don't know Georges would come from Canada, leave at 4, 4:30 in the morning, come to New York by bus, train the whole day and leave at night – this two, sometimes three times a week.

"A champion is not just born. He's forged into it. And Georges has all the tools to become champion again, and for sure, he's now 100 percent healthy. I saw him, he's in unbelievable shape, and for sure he will be announcing soon to be back in the game."

Since no definitive word from St-Pierre has been given since he announced his hiatus in December 2013, speculation has run wild. Some think St-Pierre will face superstar Irishman Conor McGregor. Others think the St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva superfight will finally come to fruition.

Gracie, meanwhile, thinks the situation is more simple. St-Pierre left the sport as the UFC welterweight champion, and that's where his career should resume.

"Whoever is the champion I think [should be next for St-Pierre]," Gracie said. "He deserves it. He's earned it, his life work [should give him] a straight shot to the champion, whoever it is."

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