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Jon Jones cleared of traffic violation, donates $100 to New Mexico Animal Humane Society

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

Jon Jones won't face any serious repercussions for his most recent traffic violation.

In January, Jones was pulled over for going 75 MPH in a 35-MPH zone, then failed to produce his license, registration, and proof of insurance. He was officially cited only for the latter infractions and let off the hook for reckless driving.

According to TMZ, Jones appeared in court Wednesday morning, where he proved he was, in fact, a registered, licensed, insured driver despite not having that paperwork on him when he was pulled over earlier this year.

In addition to providing the necessary documentation, Jones made a $100 donation to the New Mexico Animal Humane Society as an act of good faith. Now, he just needs to stay out of trouble for 90 days.

Will he regain his UFC light heavyweight title in that 90-day stretch?

The former king faces current champ Daniel Cormier April 23 at UFC 197 in Las Vegas, so we're all soon to find out.

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