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T.J. Dillashaw: Urijah Faber, Conor McGregor brought me on The Ultimate Fighter as 'a trap'

In the wake of last fall's breakup between Team Alpha Male leader Urijah Faber and former UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, all sorts of accusations and insinuations were made by both sides.

But just when you thought the issues were dead and buried, Dillashaw has a new grievance: Looking back, he believes that Faber and Conor McGregor conspired to make him look bad on The Ultimate Fighter 22.

"I felt like him bringing me on to The Ultimate Fighter was a trap," Dillashaw said on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour.

The McGregor-Faber TUF season was filmed when the feud between Faber and former Alpha Male coach Duane Ludwig was public, but Dillashaw, who ultimately joined Ludwig and Colorado's Elevation team, was still in the TAM fold. By the time the season aired, the problems between Faber and Dillashaw had become a public drama and they parted ways.

Things were exacerbated on an infamous TUF episode in which McGregor confronted Dillashaw and called him "a little snake in the grass" whom Faber shouldn't trust.

"[It was] a way for him and Conor to bash on me for going to a different gym," Dillashaw said. "[Faber] bashing me is a way to stay relevant, so the media had something to talk about other than his horrible fights."

For his part, Dillashaw doesn't understand why Faber, who challenges Cruz for the bantamweight title in a trilogy fight at UFC 199, continues to talk about him, long after he's departed the gym.

"This is very uncharacteristic of him," Dillashaw said. "I've never seen him like this, especially to ruin a friendship over me liking a coach. Guys cross train all the time. That's what Alpha Male's known for, guys have open doors to come in all the time. They don't call any of those guys traitors."

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