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UFC Fight Night 85 results: Mark Hunt scores walk-off knockout of Frank Mir

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Mark Hunt has made a name for brutal knockouts, but has particularly been known for a few walk-off knockouts in his career. He added another one to the resume at UFC Fight Night 85 when he stopped former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir in the first round with a smashing right.

Mir opened the fight in orthodox position, an usual choice for a fighter who is traditionally southpaw. Mir attempted a shot early, but Hunt was able to easily stuff it. Hunt tried some bombs early, some of which glanced or partially landed, but nothing to hurt or adjust Mir's game plan.

The American was showing level changes over and over again and as he tried one more, Hunt timed it and scored his own trademark right hand that sent Mir flopping to his back. Rather than finish him off, Hunt casually walked off, forcing referee Marc Goddard to halt the contest then and there.

"What it is is, there's always a winner and a loser," Hunt said post fight. "One of us had to lose tonight, but Frank's a good dude. I respect him a lot."

The end came officially at 3:01 of the first.

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