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UFC Fight Night 85 results: Neil Magny weathers storm, stops Hector Lombard in the third

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't easy for rising welterweight contender Neil Magny, but at UFC Fight Night 85 opposite Hector Lombard on Saturday night, the American was able to weather an early storm before getting the best win of his career in the third round.

Lombard seemed to move with a purpose early in the first round and after eventually pushing Magny to the fence, crushing Magny with a blitz of punches that dropped the American. Magny would move and defend as best he could, moving from from turtle to guard and back, but all the while Lombard was nailing him with punches, elbows and all manner of strikes.

The bout appeared to slow at the halfway mark of the first, but Magny was able to eventually get back to his feet and even land a hard knee in the clinch. Magny, however, shot and was stuffed. The American got back to his feet again and landed a few decent shots before the final bell sounded.

In the second round, Lombard came out much more flat footed and Magny started picking him apart with movement, jabs and the occasional knee. Magny seemed to be doing well in the clinch before a monster left hand sat Magny down. Lombard, inexplicably, sat back for an ankle lock, which went nowhere. Magny took top position only for Lombard to offer another leg attack. Lombard, however, ended up in a triangle. The Cuban, who initially defected to Australia, fell to his back to escape, but Magny took both mount and Lombard's back as he poured on the pressure. Somehow despite Magny absolutely crushing Lombard with shot after shot, referee Steve Perceval let the fight go.

That wouldn't last long in the third round, however, as Magny came right after Lombard at the opening bell of the third. Magny closed the distance, scored a scoop double and finished Lombard from mount with strikes while he had a locked up mounted triangle.

The end came officially at 46 seconds of round three.

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