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UFC Fight Night 85 live blog: Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir

Matt Roberts/Getty Images

This is the UFC Fight Night 85 live blog for Mark Hunt vs. Frank Mir, a heavyweight bout at Saturday's UFC event at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Australia.

Hunt, coming off a knockout win over Antonio Silva in November, will face Mir, the former UFC heavyweight champion who has won two of his last three, in the main event.

Check out the UFC Fight Night 85 live blog below.

Round 1: Here we go with the UFC Fight Night 85 main event between Frank Mir and Mark Hunt. Referee Marc Goddard is in charge of controlling these two monsters, and I have a feeling he'll be needed early. They touch gloves, and it's on. Hunt opens with an inside leg kick. Lots of level changes from Mir. Left hook from Hunt, and Mir dives for a single to no avail. Feints from both men. Mir with a double jab that comes up with air. Mir checks a leg kick from Hunt. Stiff jab lands for Mir. High kick from Mir is blocked. Hunt throws a big left-right combo, but Mir rolled with it well and avoided punishment. They briefly clinch, but Hunt quickly disengages. Big right hand from Hunt drops Mir, and it is over! The walk-off knockout strikes again. One shot is all it took, and the crowd is loving it.

Mark Hunt defeats Frank MIr via knockout (punch) (3:01, Round 1)

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