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Jon Jones blasts Daniel Cormier on Instagram, Cormier fires back

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier busted out Photoshop for their latest round of social media sparring.

The festivities began Tuesday, when Jones posted the following photo to his Instagram page, substituting Family Matters' Carl Winslow in place of the UFC light heavyweight champ:

Not to be outdone by Jones' photo manipulation tactics, Cormier fired back immediately, dipping into his own reserve of television characters to post the following to his own Instagram account:

Cormier Instagram post

Cormier deleted his post shortly after taking it live – perhaps a nod at Jones' own penchant for making social media posts go "poof" – but this is the Internet, and nothing ever truly disappears, as evidenced by the screenshot above.

Cormier's did go straight for the kill, showcasing the former UFC light heavyweight king as Tyrone Biggums – a fictional, drug-addicted character from Dave Chappelle's classic Chappelle's Show – but you have to award points for the man throwing the first shot, in this case, Jones.

Regardless of who you think won this round of social media jousting, one thing is for sure: Their UFC 197 encounter April 23 is going to be all kinds of fun.

Update: Jones responded to Cormier's deleted Instagram.

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