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Conor McGregor drops in on superfan's apartment: 'This is awesome!'

In a recent episode of UFC Embedded, Conor McGregor drove by a cardboard cutout of himself and an Irish flag on an apartment balcony in the Los Angeles area. McGregor joked that he was going to drop in on the uber fan at some point.

Well, actually, he wasn't joking at all.

McGregor did indeed crash the fan's apartment one night and TMZ landed the video.

The fan said he's had the cutout and flag out since McGregor beat Max Holloway in August 2013.

"I thought I was seeing things," McGregor said.

McGregor was blown away by that and the fact that the fan had a pair of his orange and green Reebok sneakers.

"I don't even have them," McGregor said. "They are unbelievable."

As stunned as McGregor was, the fan was over-the-moon with happiness. McGregor signed a bunch of merchandise for him before he left.

"The only thing I can say and I hope Conor sees this is that feeling with Jose Aldo when he knocked him out and he became the champ, hands down, that's what I felt like tonight," he said as he was nearly moved to tears. "That's how amazing it was."

The fan said he puts out the cutout and flag about a week before McGregor fights. On Saturday, McGregor will face Nate Diaz in the main event of UFC 196 in Las Vegas.

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