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Stephen Thompson vs. Johny Hendricks full fight video highlights

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Watch Stephen Thompson vs. Johny Hendricks full fight video highlights from UFC Fight Night 82's main event above, courtesy of FOX Sports.

UFC Fight Night: Hendricks vs. Thompson took place Feb. 6, 2016 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks (17-4) collided against karate stylist Stephen Thompson (12-1) in the night's main event, which aired live on FOX. Catch the video highlights above.

For more on Hendricks vs. Thompson, check out the live blog below, courtesy of Chuck Mindenhall.

Round 1: The referee for this main event is Big John McCarthy. He instructs the fighters. Big spot for Wonderboy; pressure for Hendricsks. They touch gloves. Karate stance for Thompson, angular. He throws a big high kick right off, and Hendricks steps aside. Now Hendricks bulls forward and lands on the fence, clinches there. And he's muscling Thompson to the ground; momentarily, anyway, as Thompson bounces up after his knee hits. They break. Another side kick from the kick-friendly Thompson. He's always got the left leg ready, and now he lands back to back right kicks. He's springing, moving about. Body kick from Thompson, and now a head kick. As Hendricks moves in, Thompson makes him pay over the top, lands two long rights. So far Thompson punishing the former champ. Right as Hendricks changes levels, Thompson launches into a kick and catches him clean. It's the full array of kicks here. Hendricks still moving in. Thompson treating him as a forward-moving target. Now Thompson has him on the fence, and he's unloading! Big shots! Hendricks is hurt. And now he's on his knees. That's it! McCarthy steps in! Wow. Thompson landed a right counter, then a right, and the barrage was on. A body kick, a spinning kick and then a solid one two. Followed up with shots on the fence, and Hendricks was done. Referee stops it!

UFC Fight Night 82 official results: Stephen Thompson def. Johny Hendricks via KO (strikes) at 3:31 of R1