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UFC Fight Night 82 results: Mickey Gall submits Mike Jackson, earns CM Punk bout

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Esther Lin photo

A wrestling scriptwriter couldn't have staged the CM Punk sweepstakes any better.

Mickey Gall needed just 45 seconds to earn the right to become the former pro wrestling star's first professional mixed martial arts opponent on Saturday night. That's the time it took Gall to finish Mike Jackson in a welterweight fight at UFC Fight Night 82 in Las Vegas.

Gall (2-0) dropped Jackson (0-1) with a big right hand, landed a couple hammerfists, then transitioned to a rear-naked choke.

"Punch him as hard as I can in the face," said the New Jersey-based Gall of his strategy. "I like to punch faces and choke people out, that's what I like to do."

Gall was signed to a UFC contract after winning his first pro fight in November in Philadelphia, with Dana White in attendance for the "Lookin' for a Fight" show. When the bout with Jackson was signed, Gall was promised Punk's MMA debut with a victory.

"I want to be fed," said Gall. "I'm hungry, feed me CM Punk, please."

Gall and Punk were squared off in the cage, although it was loose and cordial as they shook hands.

"[Gall was] very impressive," Punk said. "That's how I want to win a fight, no damage, he can go back right away. That was impressive."

There's no date set for the fight yet, though Punk is angling for the bout to be held at UFC 200 in Las Vegas in July.