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Conor McGregor slams Fabricio Werdum after winning Fighter of the Year award

Conor McGregor gets his digs in, even when he's just a face on a big screen.

After the Irish sensation received the Fighter of the Year award at the 2016 World MMA Awards in Las Vegas, the room turned its attention to the front of the room, where the UFC featherweight champ gave his acceptance speech via pre-recorded video.

Bleacher Report's Jeremy Botter captured the wild speech that ensued.

"I apologize for not being there," McGregor said. "There's another man that must be slain, another champion that must be dethroned. There's more numbers that need to be broken. I need to feed all you bums. I need to feed every single one of yous in the game, so I've got to keep working, because yous bums don't work."

After that brief intro, things got personal.

McGregor turned his attention squarely toward UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum, who recently pulled out of a matchup against Stipe Miocic. Their fight was scheduled for Feb. 6 at what was then UFC 196, but after Werdum's removal, the card was renamed UFC Fight Night 82, and the original co-main event between Johny Hendricks and Stephen Thompson took over headlining duties.

To McGregor, Werdum showed a lack of heart and dedication in making his decision to bow out of the matchup.

"You got the heavyweight champion, who's a pu--y, pulling out with a sore toe. How is the heavyweight champion going to pull out with a sore toe? What kind of champion is that? The game is on its knees, so I apologize I can't be there at the awards, but I am out here putting it in, working, putting in the true work, the work it takes to keep every one of yous fed.

"So thank you, and thank me."

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