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Dana White has to watch again, but he thought Anderson Silva beat Michael Bisping

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Dana White might have to settle in, gather his thoughts and check out the fight again. But on first glace, the UFC president had Anderson Silva beating Michael Bisping on his scorecard.

"I have to watch it again," White said on the UFC Fight Night 84 post-fight show on UFC Fight Pass. "There was so much craziness going on here after the flying knee, but I believe I had it even going into the fifth round and whoever wins the fifth round won the fight. I thought that Anderson Silva won, by the same score. I had the same score, but had it the other way."

The judges had Bisping beating Silva in the main event of the card Saturday in England.

Most people thought Bisping won the first and second rounds. Silva clearly won the third and nearly finished Bisping right at the buzzer. Silva landed a flying knee as Bisping was distracted by his mouthpiece falling out. Bisping went down in a heap and Silva thought the fight was over. He jumped onto the cage to celebrate.

But referee Herb Dean never waved off the bout and the round ended just a second or two after Silva landed the knee. So Bisping was essentially saved by the bell.

"Walk off knockouts are awesome," White said. "Make sure the fight is over. I haven't seen exactly what happened, but he hit him with the knee, then walked away. Herb Dean didn't stop the fight and then the bell rang. If he would have jumped on top of him, he could have finished the fight. He did not, he tried to walk away. It's crazy."

The fourth round was a close one, but White seemed to score it for Silva. The judges had it for Bisping. The fifth round was clearly for Silva.

Silva, 40, had not fought since beating Nick Diaz by unanimous decision at UFC 183 in January 2015. That bout was his first after gruesomely breaking his leg.

"Anderson actually looked pretty good tonight in a five-round fight for a 40-year-old guy who's only fought once in two years," White said.

Bisping, 36, meanwhile, got the biggest win of his career against the former middleweight champion and one of the greatest of all time. Even though in the third round the fight was almost over with Bisping in bad shape on the canvas.

"Mike Bisping was way too concerned about his mouthpiece and started trying to stop the action," White said. "Anderson Silva pours it on, he hits him with his knee and boom."

Silva celebrated, his corner people flooded into the cage to join him and the entire scene was bizarre.  In the end, though, the hometown guy was the won having his hand raised. It all turned out normal. Sort of.

"Obviously we've never seen that happen before," White said. ... "Thank God it held together, but wow. What a weird night."

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