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UFC Fight Night 84 live blog: Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping

Anderson Silva will square off against Michael Bispig in the UFC Fight Night 84 main event Saturday.
Anderson Silva will square off against Michael Bispig in the UFC Fight Night 84 main event Saturday.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC Fight Night 84 live blog for Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping, a middleweight bout at Saturday's UFC event at the O2 Arena in London.

Silva, who has won two of his past five fights after his last win over Nick Diaz was overturned to a no-contest because of a positive steroid test, will face Bisping, who has won three of his past five fights, on the main card.

Check out the UFC Fight Night 84 live blog below.

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Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee in charge of the Octagon. They touch gloves. Silva is southpaw, Bisping orthodox. Bisping whiffs on a head kick attempt. Bisping is doing the stalking, no one's landed anything yet. Bisping moves in and lands a right, then backs out. Another right hand, left outside kick combo lands for Bisping, but Silva responds with a body kick. Bisping throws a head kick and tries to drive another right, but only partially lands. Silva tries to corner and catch Bisping, missing on a one-two. Silva lands a body kick and is putting intense pressure on the Brit. Bisping leans on a right and it scores, now both are waving each other on. Bisping backs Silva to the fence, but can't score, but does land a jab and then stumbles Silva with a left hook!

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Bisping

Round 2: Bisping is back to stalking. Bisping has Silva with his back on the fence, but can't seem to land. Bisping glances with a right, but Silva almost makes him pay with a glancing jab of his own. Left hook lands for the pursuing Bisping, but Silva is still showboating. Silva lands a right then back Bisping up, but it's only temporary. Silva feints with a punch to the knee, then pops Bisping in the face. Bisping going over and over to the outside leg kick. An uppercut from Bisping DROPS Silva, now the Brit is on top in Silva's guard.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Bisping

Round 3: Bisping's back to taking center. Bisping slips outside and lands a right. Two outside leg kicks land for the Brit. Both try oblique kicks and both miss on punches. One-two scores for Bisping and Silva lands a left. Silva catches a kick and Bisping falls to the mat, but stands and nearly eats a head kick in the process. Decent jab scores for Bisping, but he eats a right counter for Silva. Two solid counters from Bisping, bit Silva is all over him with pressure. Now the two are trading shots. Bisping points to the ground to get his mouthpiece and eats enormous shots. He does it again and is dropped with a knee. The bell sounds. Silva thinks he's won. It's bedlam in the cage and total confusion. The fight, apparently, will continue.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Silva

Round 4: Bisping is bleeding, but stalking. He back Silva into the fence and eats a groin shot. The bout is temporarily halted. The fight resumes and Bisping is back to stalking and the Brit is landing. A lot of shots are being blocked or missing and Silva sneaks through a right hand. But Bisping is the more active of the two and landing a bit more. Silva gets poked in the eye and the bout is temporarily halted. The bout resumes, Bisping's back to stalking. Decent combo back Silva up, but a lot of that was blocked. Bisping partially lands a flurry against the fence to Silva who defends. Now Silva is pressuring and lands a right. Bisping shoves the Brazilian several feet and now Silva is landing much more. Superman punch lands for Silva at the end. Close call, but Silva did more damage.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Silva

Round 5: Bisping is stalking and partially blocks a head kick. Bisping is routinely having to wipe the blood out of his eyes. The referee temporarily halts the bout to have the doctor evaluate the facial cuts of Bisping, which are significant. The bout resumes after the doctor's examination. Bisping backs Silva into the fence and lands decent shots, but Silva scores with a front kick to the face. Now Bisping is reeling and Silva is teeing off on him with Bisping's back against the fence. Two minutes left and Bisping is battered, but still moving. Bisping shoots for a double, but can't get it. Bisping backs up Silva again, but can't land much. Silva misses on flashy strikes, too. The two trade minimal shots as the bell sounds. Very close fight. Silva wins the last round and likely the fight, but the scores could be all over the place.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 and the fight 48-47 Silva

Michael Bisping def. Anderson Silva via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

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