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Michael Bisping to 'p*ssy' Anderson Silva: 'All the needles in your ass' won't help you

Michael Bisping has picked at the scab all week. On Friday, he just about ripped it off.

"The Count" laid into Anderson Silva at UFC Fight Night 84 weigh-ins in England, lambasting the former UFC middleweight champion for his positive test last year for performance-enhancing drugs.

"This man is a cheat," Bisping said. "This man is a fraud. And I will make you pay for your mistakes tomorrow night my friend. All the needles in your ass, all the steroids will not help you, you p*ssy."

During the faceoff, Bisping extended his hand, but Silva would not shake it. Then, Silva put his hand out and Bisping ignored it. The two men moved toward each other, talking. But UFC president Dana White and other officals got in between them. It was a very tense scene.

Silva also didn't shake Bisping's hand at media day Thursday. The two middleweight stalwarts got into a bit of a back-and-forth earlier this month at a media appearance in Los Angeles as well. Now, it appears things have boiled over just in time for the main event bout Saturday, which will air live on UFC Fight Pass.

"The Spider" said afterward that he might be interesting in fighting again for the title if he beats Bisping.

"I think so," Silva said. "I've been working hard for this one. I think this fight Saturday night is good for me, good for Bisping. And let's go. It's the show."

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