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Conor McGregor on jumping weight classes: 'I'm going to create my own division'

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TORRANCE, Calif. -- Conor McGregor holds the UFC featherweight title, thought he was going to compete for the lightweight crown, and will compete at welterweight on March 5.

And while McGregor is going up 25 pounds to meet Nate Diaz at UFC 196 after his planned bout against lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos fell out due to dos Anjos' broken foot, McGregor isn't sweating the details on weight classes.

As far as Mystic Mac is concerned, he's a championship unto himself.

"It doesn't matter what weight division or what belt is on the line because really I should create my own belt," McGregor suggested at Wednesday's wild UFC 196 press conference. "I myself am my own belt. It doesn't matter if it's featherweight, lightweight, welterweight. It's the McGregor belt. So that's it. I'm fighting for my own belt."

Still, though, is this a one-time deal, or a tease at a potential run at Robbie Lawler's welterweight title? After dos Anjos' withdrawal, on the heels of a year-long wait to fight Jose Aldo before winning the featherweight title, McGregor doesn't sound too enthused about sticking around and waiting on the lightweight champ.

"It's hard to commit to dos Anjos again," McGregor said. "The same with Jose [Aldo]. He pulled, and it took him two [times] to build up the courage. Hopefully, maybe, it would take dos Anjos two [times] to build up the courage. But when you pull out with an injury like that, a bruise on the foot, there's not much I can do to help you to bring you back into the mix."

"I'm going to create my own division," McGregor continued. "Who cares about weight? They all, they sign and they pull. It's happened time and time again in my weight class. I don't care about weight. It makes no difference to me. Wherever it's at, give me an opponent, and a date, and that's it."

This time around, the opponent turned out to be Diaz, who reacted McGregor's claims like a true Stocktonian.

"F--- you, f--- your belt," Diaz said. "F--- your b---- ass belt too."

To which McGregor, as usual had an answer ready.

"The only weight I care about is the weight of my checks," he said. "And they're super heavyweight."