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Scott Coker gives Dada 5000 health update: 'He's progressing'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

There's finally an update on the health of Dada 5000, the opponent of Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149 who suffered cardiac arrest following their Friday night bout at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

According to Bellator President Scott Coker on Twitter, the heavyweight fighter's health is moving in a healthy direction:

Following Saturday's Bellator 149 event from Houston, Texas, it was revealed co-main event participant Dada 5000 had suffered serious medical complications following his bout with Kimbo Slice.

Dhafir Harris, Dada 5000's real name, not only suffered cardiac arrest after losing to Kimbo Slice via TKO in the third round, but is recovering from a broken orbital bone. A press release from the family distributed on Saturday said Harris further suffered renal failure as well after attempting a severe weight cut prior to the bout.

"The doctors have now informed us that Dada had accumulated extremely high levels of potassium in his blood which led to severe dehydration, fatigue and renal failure," the release read. "The high potassium levels were likely caused by his 40lbs weight loss in preparation for the fight.
Thanks to the EMTs and doctors, Dada is now recovering nicely."

Friday's loss represented Harris' first in MMA competition, bringing his record to 2-1.

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