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Bellator 149 results: Kimbo Slice finishes Dada 5000 in all-time stinker of a fight

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Esther Lin photo

Well that was .... something.

In a fight so horrible it was perversely entertaining, Kimbo Slice and Dhafir Harris, a.ka. Dada 5000, capped a wild buildup to their Bellator 149 grudge match with one of the worst performances ever put on in a major mixed martial arts event.

With a visibly disgusted "Big" John McCarthy ordering frequent restarts by the spent competitors, an exhausted Slice outlasted an even more exhausted Harris at Houston's Toyota Center. The time of the TKO finish was 1:32 of the third round.

"It feels good," Slice (6-2) said of the the victory. "It was hard work."

Harris came rushing right out at Slice in the opening seconds of the fight, walking right into a Slice takedown. While Harris's guard made Slice look like a black belt by comparison, as Slice maneuvered from side control to something resembling full mount.

Both fighters were tired going into the second as they flailed about an inevitably ended up in clinches. Harris was super slow to get up when McCarthy ordered restarts. Late in the round, Slice had full mount, but was so tired, McCarthy ordered the fighters back to their feet.

The final round was a matter of who was going to run out of gas first. That turned out to be Harris, who absorbed a right uppercut to the jaw, followed by a left hand which sent Harris crashing to the mat in an exaggerated manner like a minor character from "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out."

The 42-year-old Slice is now 2-0 since his return from a five-year retirement. Harris, whose notoriety mainly stems from his exposure in the Netflix documentary "Dawg Fight," dropped to 2-1.