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Anthony Pettis misses weight for his UFC 206 interim title fight with Max Holloway

TORONTO –  Anthony Pettis couldn't make weight on Friday during the UFC 206 official weigh-ins.

The former lightweight champion Pettis, who is making his second appearance in the 145-pound division, weighed in at 148 pounds for his fight with Max Holloway in Toronto.The maximum weight for a featherweight title fight is 145 pounds, which is what Holloway weighed in at on the nose.

According to sources, the fight is still on, but the stakes will be different for each fighter. If Holloway wins, he will still get the interim title. Should Pettis win, he will not. Pettis will also have to forfeit 20 percent of his purse to Holloway for missing the weight.

Fighters are not allowed to weigh-in a second time.

The last time a fighter didn’t make weight for a title fight in the UFC was back in 2007, when Travis Lutter came in over for his middleweight title bout with Anderson Silva.

Update: Holloway just commented on Pettis' missed weight on Twitter.

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