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Dana White: ‘I’m not afraid to give Georges St-Pierre more money’

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Former longtime UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and company president Dana White continue to have a difference of opinion on whether the fighter is still under contract.

St-Pierre believes he’s a free agent. White maintains the contract GSP signed is still valid.

But on Thursday, White also publicly indicated there could be some room for flexibility on St-Pierre’s pay.

Speaking on the Chad Dukes vs. the World radio show, White reiterated his belief St-Pierre remains under contract, but gave an indication the door is open to negotiation.

“I have a good relationship with Georges and yeah, obviously, we would love him to fight,” White said. “The problem is, Georges has a deal. Georges is under contract with us right now. He has a deal. I’m not afraid to give Georges St-Pierre more money, but it’s got to be reasonable.”

St-Pierre said Wednesday in a Canadian television interview that negotiations have restarted between he and the company, however, sources indicated to MMA Fighting on Thursday that the former champion “misspoke” on the subject and that no significant new talks have occurred.

The former champ, who has not fought in three years, has been in the spotlight over the past week as one of the faces of the new Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association.