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Dana White: T.J. Dillashaw ‘probably next in line’ for shot at Cody Garbrandt’s belt

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MMA: UFC 207-Dillashaw vs Lineker Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After T.J. Dillashaw scored a tremendous victory over John Lineker at Friday night’s UFC 207, he threw a little shade in UFC president Dana White’s direction.

The former UFC bantamweight champion said if he didn’t get a title shot, it would prove the game was “rigged.”

Then, in the very next fight at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena, Cody Garbrandt stunned Dominick Cruz to win the bantamweight belt, which very much turned the idea of who’s next an open debate.

White, as it turns out, heard Dillashaw’s words, and while he playfully threw them back at him.

“TJ Dillashaw said the whole thing was rigged, so I think I’m going to give the rematch to Dominick Cruz just to make him right,” White said with a laugh on the FS1 post-fight show.

But White also says the Dillashaw fight made him a believer. And with Cruz saying he’s thinking of taking some time off, that opens the door for Dillashaw to get the next shot.

“Dillashaw came in tonight, Lineker is a tough fighter, if you watched the Lineker fight against [John] Dodson, he went after Dodson all night,” White said. “He didn’t dare go after Dillashaw that way because he was being taken down with ease. That takedown made him gun shy. He didn’t want to throw the hands or run after him. Dillashaw made it look easy against a very tough guy, a scary guy that can knock you out at any moment.

“Dillashaw is a total conspiracy theorist and says next in line, but yes, he’s probably next in line for the title.”

White, meanwhile, was equally impressed with the new champion’s performance.

“Garbrandt looked better than he ever looked in his career. Dominick Cruz is great, Dominick Cruz is amazing, and Cody Garbrandt made it look easy tonight. He was the complete opposite of what everybody thought he was going to be. Everybody thought he was this hothead, angry guy who was going to just run in and look for the knockout punch. Couldn’t be more opposite, he looked incredible.”