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Jenny Huang hits rare gogoplata in ONE Championship fight

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There's already a Lady Gaga. Now, ONE might have a Lady Gogo.

Women's MMA prospect Jenny Huang pulled off a rare gogoplata in a ONE Championship fight Friday in the Philippines. After a series of impressive grappling exchanges, Huang ended up on the bottom, brought her right leg up under the chin of opponent April Osenio, pulled Osenio's head down and forced the tap.

The finish occurred at 4:28 of the first round. Huang was likely winning the fight up until that point with superior jiu-jitsu proficiency, but Osenio was holding her own on the feet.

Huang (5-0) has three straight submission victories on her record now and she's a perfect 4-0 in ONE. The 25-year-old Taiwanese fighter competes in the 115-pound division.