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Cris ‘Cyborg’: If UFC doesn’t open women’s featherweight division, I’ll leave

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Cris Cyborg Invicta 11

Esther Lin, Invicta FC

It looks like Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino won’t be sticking around in the UFC unless her weight class of 145 pounds is implemented in the organization.

Cyborg, who joined the UFC roster in March of this year, has fought twice under the UFC banner, and both times have been outside her weight class and at a catchweight of 140 pounds. It’s been well documented that Cyborg has to use extremely harsh methods to make the weight cut to a 140 pounds, and has been taped crying and even collapsing during the brutal cut.

The UFC currently has only two women’s divisions – strawweight (115 pounds) and bantamweight (135 pounds). Cyborg has been very vocal in the past that she can’t make the bantamweight limit. And now, in a recent interview with Peruvian news outlet El Comerico, the Brazilian fighter revealed that she has two fights left in her UFC contract, both being at 145 pounds, and that she will leave the promotion if the UFC doesn’t open up a women’s featherweight division.

“The main thing is that I have two fights left in my division [featherweight],” Cyborg told El Comercio. “I’m going to stay in my division, and see if the UFC opens up my division, or if they don’t do it, I’m going to leave.”

Cyborg says that while she completes her two remaining bouts with the UFC, she’ll continue to campaign for the implementation of a women’s featherweight division.

“I’ll keep fighting so that hey open more divisions,” Cyborg said. “If I don’t have a division in the UFC, I’m going to go to another company like Rizin or Bellator or another organization where they have my division. I’ll keep fighting for that.”

Cyborg was last seen in the Octagon back in September at UFC Fight Night 95, where she defeated Lina Lansberg via second-round technical knockout. The 31-year-old fighter is not sure when she’ll fight next, but she’s looking to return early next year.

“I don’t know yet, probably next year,” Cyborg said. “In February, I’ll be available to fight. I’m ready for whoever at 145 pounds.”