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Urijah Faber vs. Brad Pickett full fight video highlights

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Watch Urijah Faber vs. Brad Pickett full fight video highlights from UFC on FOX 22's main card above, courtesy of FOX Sports.

UFC Fight Night: VanZant vs. Waterson took place Dec. 17 at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. In the final fight of his storied career, mixed martial arts legend Urijah Faber (34-10) took on Brad Pickett (25-13) on the night's main card, which aired live on FOX. Catch the video highlights above.

For more on Faber vs. Pickett, check out the play-by-play courtesy of's Shaun Al-Shatti.

Round 1: Some history here tonight, ladies and gents. The final fight of Urijah Faber. What a career, and it's only fitting that it ends in Sacramento. And of course, just as I write that, 'California Love' hits the speakers and the crowd goes NUTS for their hometown boy. Truly a moment here. Referee John McCarthy is the third man in the cage. They touch 'em up and we're off. The crowd swells behind Faber as the two bantamweights feel each other out. Faber sticks and moves with his left hand. Picket swings and misses with a right. Faber clinches. He just misses with a hard knee to the head. They release and Pickett eats a stiff right. Faber changes levels for a single, but he can't get it. Pickett reverses the position against the fence and hunts for a double. Faber scrambles up. HUGE LEFT HOOK FROM FABER! Pickett is down! Faber swarms then takes his back! Faber starts unloading with hard shots! Faber shifts to mount. Big elbows. Pickett rolls, so Faber retakes his back and locks up a body triangle. Wow, credit to Pickett for surviving all of that. Faber nearly had himself a moment there. MMA Fighting scores it 10-8 Faber.

Round 2: Faber still looks like he has energy for days. Faber cracks Pickett with a short knee up the middle, then rushes inside and unloads a combination. Pickett tosses out a few kicks to Faber's calves. Faber answers with a nice sequence of right hands. Faber changes levels and gets Pickett to the floor, settling inside his open guard. Pickett scrambles up but Faber grabs a front headlock and snaps him down. This is guillotine city for Faber. Pickett senses danger and escapes out the back-end. Faber eats a right hook, then swarms inside and downs Pickett with a right hand! Faber lunges on d'arce attempt but Pickett quickly escapes. This is the best Faber has looked since 2014. Faber whirls to Pickett's back and drags him to the canvas. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Faber. (20-17 Faber.)

Round 3: Faber immediately closes the distance and wrestles Pickett to the mat. Big elbow from the top for Faber. Pickett's face is a mess but he's still in this. He scrambles to his feet, but Faber quickly snatches another easy takedown. Faber catches Pickett in a front headlock after a scramble, then settles in side control. Pickett regains his half guard, but Faber is going to work here with elbows. They're back on their feet with 90 seconds left. Pickett catches Faber with a shot to the shoulder and Faber stumbles backward off-balance. He's fine. Nice knee to the body from Faber. The crowd here in Sacramento rises to their feet as Faber gets one last takedown to send us home. Hell of a performance. Hell of a career. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Faber. (30-26 Faber.)

UFC on FOX 22 results: Urijah Faber def. Brad Pickett via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)