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Jose Aldo says he’s with MMAFA, questions Bjorn Rebney's 'real function' with MMAAA

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RIO DE JANEIRO -- Jose Aldo was always very vocal about fighter pay, but the recently created MMA Athletes Association didn’t get him too excited. In fact, the UFC featherweight champion is already involved with an association.

Aldo, who expects to face interim champion Max Holloway at UFC 208 in Brooklyn, on Feb. 11, revealed during a media scrum on Monday that he’s involved with MMA Fighters Association, and questioned Bjorn Rebney’s role in the association.

“(MMAAA) invited me to be a part of this association, but I don’t think everything is clear with this association,” Aldo said. “There are others going on, laws in the American Senate as well, so there’s a lot going on to help fighters. When it’s possible for me to be present and be a part of things that will benefit the athletes, I will always fight for us.”

“This association was created by a former Bellator president, so I don’t know what’s the real function behind it, if it’s something for the fighters,” he continued. “I’m part of one, too, with Randy Couture, Cung Le, that has an open mind to help fighters, not only the ones in the UFC.”

Aldo, who joined the UFC in 2011, says that fighters associations should not target only the UFC.

“Our world isn’t focused only in the UFC,” Aldo said. “We have millions of fighters, trillions of fighters that need help. We won’t fight with a promotion just because we’re exclusive there. I fight for everybody, national and international, no matter where they are. I want to help those athletes. Not only those in the UFC, those that are in the big league and can have a better future, but those in the small promotions and need our help.”

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