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Donald Cerrone says meeting with Dana White about his MMAAA participation went ‘very well’

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The week started with UFC president Dana White taking digs at Donald Cerrone publicly for his apparent role in the new Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association (MMAAA). "Cowboy" said Saturday night, though, that things seem to be all patched up.

Cerrone said following his third-round knockout win over Matt Brown at UFC 206 in Toronto that White pulled him aside after media day Thursday and the two men spoke for 15 minutes.

"He's a happy man and I'm a happy man," Cerrone said. ... "It went very well."

"Cowboy" said White was "1,000 percent" receptive to the things he had to say. Cerrone has been very public about fighters' need for a union or association, citing full health benefits and a pension among the many necessities that UFC athletes don't have.

The popular welterweight fighter was on a conference call announcing the MMAAA last week. Also on the call were Georges St-Pierre, Tim Kennedy, Cain Velasquez and T.J. Dillashaw. So was former Bellator promoter Bjorn Rebney, which raised red flags among many, Cerrone included. "Cowboy" said earlier this week that he had no idea Rebney was involved and that he just went along because he trusted friends and long-time teammates St-Pierre and Kennedy.

White slammed Cerrone a bit on the Unfiltered podcast earlier in the week, saying he was "shocked" the fighter did not give him a call before announcing his role in the MMAAA. White mentioned that he helped Cerrone out with a defense lawyer to the tune of $100,000 of his own money a few years ago.

Cerrone accepted the criticism and said White was right. He was glad he was able to clear the air with him Thursday.

"It was always in a good place," Cerrone said of his relationship with White. "It reminds me of when you get in trouble with your Dad and they don't ground you, they just tell you they're disappointed with you, which is even worse and which is kind of what he did to me. And then he was just like, ‘You let me down.' Not really so much let him down, but just a slap in his face. I guess I should have let him know what I was getting involved in. It is what it is. We're on the up and up now."