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UFC 206 results: Cub Swanson wins magnificent matchup over Doo Ho Choi

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Esther Lin photo

The featherweight matchup between Cub Swanson and Doo Ho Choi on paper looked to be a fight that could steal the show at UFC 206.

Instead, the battle between the crafty veteran and the young hotshot stole its way all the way onto the Fight of the Year list on Saturday night.

In an incredible display of heart and intensity, Swanson and Choi threw down for 15 thrilling minutes at Toronto's Air Canada Centre. Swanson dug down deep though, and had more gas left in the end. That was enough to take a unanimous decision, on a pair of 30-27s and a 29-28.

The fighter nicknamed "Superboy" set the tone early, as he cracked Swanson with crisp strikes from distance and knees in the clinch. But that just woke up the Jackson's MMA fighter, and the battle was on in a back-and-forth first round.

The second round was one of the most thrilling five minutes of mixed martial arts action you'll ever see, as both fighters managed to nearly finish the bout in a whirlwind of action too frenetic to break down in this format. But both survived, and Swanson had more left to give in the final round. He poured it on, both in the standup and on the ground, particularly in the final minute, but Choi managed to hang on until the finish.

Swanson improved to 24-7 and won his third straight fight. He seemed to take the fact Choi called him out personally.

"I knew he deserves all the hype, he just made a mistake by counting me out, and it made me think I don't have it any more, and it made me question myself, and that made me train real hard," Swanson said. "The only reason why I won this fight is my heart and my smarts for the game. Don't ever question me again."

Choi (15-2), who had an eight-fight win streak snapped, vowed to regroup.

"I prepared for the winning interview, and really believed what I was going to win," the Busan, South Korea native said through an interpreter. "This is what losing feels like. I am going to train more, and I am not going to lose again."